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Godbeat podcast
Godbeat is an independent podcast that examines journalism, religion and all the surprising ways those things intersect. Religion is all around us and although it’s not always obvious, it has a profound influence on the news we consume. Rohan Salmond explores the unseen religion angle to mainstream news stories and interviews the journalists covering religion in contemporary Australia.

Breakfast on 2SER
Rohan regularly produces stories for Breakfast on 2SER, covering a range of issues.

Has Pres Trump set back the quest for an Australian Republic?
Donald Trump has managed to anger all kinds of people, including, it seems, Australian monarchists. The Australian Monarchist League issued a statement criticising the American president and his controversial travel ban, suggesting British Prime Minister Theresa May has put the Queen in a “position of political controversy” by inviting President Trump to the UK on a state visit, thereby ensuring the monarch and the president will meet. We chat to Philip Benwell, the National Chair of the Australian Monarchist League.

Reconciling churches and the LGBTI community
What would it take for churches and the LGBTI community to make amends? Equal Voices is a group of Christians seeking to overcome that public tension through reconciliation and apology. Can saying “I’m sorry” make all the difference? Natalie Cooper from Equal Voices joins us in the studio to talk about the hard work of reconciliation.

The politics of magical power
Witches across the United States have gathered to cast a binding spell on Donald Trump – an unusual move for that community. Marguerite Johnson teaches Classical Literature and Classical Reception Studies at the University of Newcastle and called to talk about wiccans, pagans and everything witchy. How political is witchcraft really, and is it ethical to cast a spell on the president of the United States?

Digital video

Rohan has been active in the digital video sphere for 10 years, producing content both personal and professional. He is also on the advisory panel for VidCon Australia.

Week in 60
The news is an unrelenting deluge of information and spin. What’s important and what isn’t? What does it all mean? Week in 60 is a news digest show which condenses the news from the last week into an easy-to-understand 60 seconds. But don’t stop there! Use it as a springboard to find the truly interesting morsels that matter to you. Links to the full stories talked about in each episode are in the show notes.

Journey video editorials
Journey is a cross-platform, monthly magazine produced by the Uniting Church Queensland Synod. In 2014 Journey produced a monthly video editorial, used in Uniting Church congregations and on Facebook to promote the print edition of the magazine.

A Tender Thing interview
In 2013 Full Circle Theatre Queensland produced the critically-acclaimed A Tender Thing at the Powerhouse Theatre in Brisbane. The promotional video material for the play was shot and edited by Rohan Salmond.


Rohan’s writing appeared regularly in Journey magazine between 2013 and 2016. He wrote reviews, theological articles, profile pieces and in-depth feature articles about current events from a faith perspective. His work also appears in other publications on a freelance basis.

Love your neighbour
Since the activities of the so-called Islamic State have made the news, anti-Muslim sentiment in Australia has been at an all-time high. Rohan Salmond speaks to some interfaith activists working to build understanding across religious lines. This article won silver for Best Feature Article from the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) in 2015.

Bible Society’s blunder was excluding LGBTI voices
This piece, published in Eureka Street on 17 March 2017, aims to explain to a Christian audience the public reaction to the Bible Society’s “Keeping it Light” video about same-sex marriage. “Someone in favour of changing the Marriage Act doesn’t necessarily look at this video and see three mates having a friendly disagreement about the future of marriage. Instead, it’s entirely possible they see three men in collusion — neat, polite, smiling and utterly in control of whether this reform will ever proceed.”

Man of Steel rings hollow
A lot of noise has been made about the Christian themes contained in the latest effort in the Superman franchise, Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. Warner Bros has even specially marketed the film to Christians, but the film’s messianic themes are muddled and it confuses patriotism for goodness.

Imagine me complexly: John Green
Following John Green’s inclusion in this year’s Time 100 and the adaptation of his latest novel into a blockbuster movie, Rohan Salmond talks to him about church, community, teenagers and the universe that wants to be noticed.

Beyond modern: Living the gospel in a postmodern world
What is postmodernism and what does it mean for the life and witness of the church? Rohan Salmond explores how to live and share the gospel in a rapidly changing cultural landscape.

Previous editions of Journey can be downloaded from JourneyOnline. I was editor between April 2013 and March 2016.