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Metropolitan Community Church

Metropolitan Community Church

Just a quick post to say that today my friend Becki and I decided to go to the 7:00pm service at the MCC in the Castro. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but both of us were really glad we went.

I’m not into ‘church reviews’ because critiquing someone else’s community feels wrong to me, but in light of yesterday’s post about safe places I can definitely say: I found one. This little church in the heart of San Francisco’s gay village is an oasis for many people who wouldn’t be embraced by mainstream churches.

Before the service started I wondered what the service would be like, and in many ways this service reminded me of the church I grew up in. People clapped, some danced a little, some stayed still with their hands by their sides. There were guitars, a piano and there was the most amazing choir. I was intrigued (or, perplexed?) by the way they ended prayers with “in your many names”, but almost moved to tears as we sang together, “From where does my help come? It comes from God.

I wasn’t able to stick around very long after the service which was such a shame because I really wanted to chat with everyone. If you ever get a chance to experience a service at MCC San Francisco I encourage you to do it; they would love to see you there and share their community with you.

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