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Today (or maybe yesterday? I’m behind) my friend Amanda made a short post on Tumblr that I love so much I’m just going to repost it here in its entirety.

The thing is that feeling good and moral and righteous for being The Politically Correct one perpetuates relationships of oppression. If your political correctness brings you attention, you’re doing it wrong—it’s still a dominant group exploiting an oppressed group for personal gain. Performing your political correctness means using the oppressed group as a soapbox.

Political correctness and sensitivity are about removing obstacles to equal participation in the discussion. Dominant groups ought to be seeking to extricate themselves from the conversation—to clear some space, finally, for those to whom space and voice have been denied. Allies ought to redirect attention to those who can speak from experience about oppression and prejudice. Being an ally means taking a slice of humble pie and making oneself small in order to let others stand up.

My oppression should not make you feel good about yourself. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. Dominant voices continue to dominate the conversation when political correctness becomes “This is how those people want us to talk about them.”

Let us speak.

Like, can I get an amen?

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